Local committees are founded in the villages of the Municipality as the bodies of the municipal inhabitants. Through the Local committees the municipal residents take part in decision making of the issues having a direct influence on their life and work.

The work of the Local committees is monitored by the Municipal government which can dissolve the boards of the Local committees if they often violate the Statute and regulations of the Local committee or do not work on the issues entrusted with.

The Boards of the Local committees work on:
• issues having a direct influence on the life and work of the municipal inhabitants, encourage and suggest measures to the institutions, firms, municipal councils, municipal government and the administrative body of the municipality
• monitoring the measures to arrange the villages and protect the environment on the entire territory, suggest the appropriate solutions on some specific issues to the proper authorities or work on the activities related to the improvement of the living conditions
• monitoring the work of the municipal services, encourage their development and improvement
• monitoring the work of the services, deals with issues related to the care about the children, social welfare, culture and sports events and initiate the activities necessary for solving the possible problems
• management of the properties given to them by the Municipal council or Municipal government
• other activities they are entrusted with in accordance with the law, Statute or enactment of the Municipal council or Municipal government.

Local committees in the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi are:

  1. Kneževi Vinogradi
  2. Karanac
  3. Kotlina
  4. Kamenac
  5. Suza
  6. Zmajevac
  7. Mirkovac