Esteemed visitors, well-meaning friends!slika

I wish to welcome you sincerely and thank you for your interest in the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality. In terms of the area it covers, Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality is one of the larger ones, not only in the Osijek-Baranja County, but also in all of Croatia and is situated in northeastern Baranja, i.e. Croatia. I must emphasize that this is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious community with glaring natural resources of the area. Fertile arable land for crop production, the gradual southern slope of the Baranja Mountain for viticulture and fruit production, the modern canal network and the richness of water for irrigation (Danube wetlands), forests as well as the presented historic and cultural properties are the basis of economic development of, above all, agriculture, food industry, viticulture, fruit production and various types of tourism – wine tourism, hunting and fishing tourism, religious tourism and rural tourism in general.

In spite of achievements, particularly in terms of infrastructure of the Municipality (i.e. the travel network, water supply system, gas main, street lighting, drainage as well as important structures of social standards in education, health care, sports, culture and firefighting), I am at liberty to say that the majority of the Municipality’s population does not have the standard of living that is proportional to the natural resources of the Municipality. The general opinion is that a part of the economic entities, including family farms, is struggling in the current economic and market conditions. In spite of all the difficulties of the recent years, the number of positive examples in the in the field of entrepreneurship as regards job creation is growing continually.

In view of the multi-ethnic (national) and the multi-confessional (religious) composition of the Municipality’s population, it would be a mistake not to underline the peaceful cohabitation and the satisfactory level of tolerance in the economic, social and in particular the inter-ethnic political relations.

Aside from presenting the historic and current state of affairs of the Municipality, it is the intention and the aim of this webpage to present the wealth of Municipality in all respects so that it becomes interesting to the visitors and convinces them of the hard work and the hospitality of the population in every way.

Mayor of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality

Vedran Kramarić, mag.iur.