The area of the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi is situated in the flat low-lying part of Baranja. Along with endless plains there are occasional low hills stretching through the territory of the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi.
In the north-western part of the Municipality there are hilly slopes of Baranjska planina, so called Banska kosa with the highest peak. (245 m) This area has temperate continental climate with intensive changes of the weather.
The Municipality has mostly agricultural land which makes up 62.6 % of the entire territory. Agricultural areas are:

  • 15,573 ha, mostly cultivated land,
  • 5,948 ha or 23.9% of the territory is covered by forests,
  • 1,209 ha or 4.8% covered by open waters and canals and
  • 2,147 ha or 8.6% of other land mostly ponds and reed beds, barren land and built-up area.

The built-up area is 943.7 ha and makes 3,8% of the entire area of the Municipality. It does not fall into cadastral category and apart from barren land there is agricultural land as well.