Traditional buildings, archaeological sites and individually protected sacral buildings are the main architectural features of the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi related to cultural heritage.

Apart from traditionally built houses and barns spread around the Municipality, there is so-called architecture in the ground, wine cellars dug into the thick strata created through centuries of sedimentation caused by the passage of winds. These unique objects together with autochthonous countryside are specific to the whole Baranja region. Protected ethnological units such as Katolički surduk and Reformatski surduk ( surduk is a narrow road cut through the hills ) with about 80 wine cellars dug into the ground make famous wine roads in Zmajevac and Suza.

Sacral buildings – churches:

Kneževi Vinogradi

  • Reformed church built in 1576
  • Orthodox church Vavedenje presvete Bogorodice built in 1742
  • Roman Catholic church St. Michael the Archangel dates from 1840-1857


  • Roman Catholic church St. Donat dates from 1832
  • Reformed church from 1808-1816
  • Orthodox church St. Stevan Štiljanović from 1991


  • Roman Catholic church Našašće Sv. Križa from 1752
  • Reformed church dates back to 1866-1871


  • Reformed church from 1869
  • Roman Catholic Church St. Antun is being built


  • Reformed church from 1805


  • Reformed church reconstructed in 1877

Archaeological sites

  • Archaeological site ˝Kamenac˝, Kamenac
  • Archaeological site ˝Donje polje – Prosina˝, Karanac
  • Archaeological site ˝Derjan˝, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Archaeological site ˝Dragojlov brijeg˝, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Archaeological site ˝Mitvar˝, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Archaeological site Osnovna škola, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Archaeological site Crkva reformiranih, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Archaeological site ˝Kotlina˝, Kotlina
  • Archaeological site ˝Vinogradi˝, Suza
  • Archaeological site ˝Derjan˝, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Archaeological site „Varhegy – Mocsolas”, Zmajevac
  • Archaeological site Gradac-Varhegy, Zmajevac

Ostala kulturna dobra na području Općine

  • Orgulje u crkvi sv. Donata biskupa, Karanac
  • Inventar parohijske crkve Vavedenja Bogorodice, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Lokomobil, Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Vinski podrum (Šandora Petefija 2), Kneževi Vinogradi
  • Centralno skladište za žitarice – magazin, Mirkovac
  • Vinski podrum (Maršala Tita 81 b), Suza
  • Vinski podrum (Šandora Petefija 16), Zmajevac