The basis of the economy of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality comprises agricultural production, processing industry and the strong development of rural as well as hunting and fishing tourism.

There are some 13 000 ha of arable land for crop production and 1 800 ha for viticulture and fruit production. Larger companies operating within the Municipality include Belje d.d., Bor-plastika d.o.o. and Rabo d.o.o. and an ever-growing number of family farms (craftsmen and businessmen).

According to records of 2013, there are 275 registered family farms in the Municipality. The largest number (77) in Kneževi Vinogradi, 60 in Zmajevac, 54 in Suza, 45 in Karanac, 30 in Kotlina and 9 in Kamenac. Of the 6 128 ha of arable land, over 5 600 ha are plowed fields; vineyards take up around 190 ha and 300 ha are orchards. Belje works some 6 500 ha, 6 000 of which are plowed fields and 500 of which are vineyards.

Viticulture and oenology, with its millenary tradition ever since Roman times, continues to develop, thereby creating preconditions for the development of continental tourism

As one of the basic preconditions for economic development, Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality has built and still is building it in certain settlements utility infrastructure (water supply system, public lighting, roads, electrical energy, drainage).

To aid the development of craftsmanship and economy, a business and enterprise zone was established, offering plots for the purpose of economic development with various benefits. The business and enterprise zone was established on an area of 56 hectares, of which 35 hectares were saved for the development of crafts, and around 12 hectares for the development of tourism, and the rest for infrastructure.

To support economic development, the Municipality aids the family farms and businesses within the Municipality by way of:
– interest subsidies,
– co-financing perennial plantations,
– co-financing crop-insurance and
– developing a detailed canal network etc.

All past investments in the economy of the Municipality led Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality to becoming one of the economically developed regions of Baranja.

Carrying economic development: