The company Kneževi parkovi d.o.o. was founded by the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality for the purpose of organizing, promoting and developing the economy of the Municipality. The company was founded on 1 April 2015 and immediately took over the economy as well as the administration of utility infrastructure of the Municipality.
Numerous economic activities in the Municipality, in particular the extensive investment in the development of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and utilities, imposed the need to establish a company with the purpose of developing the economy of and investments in the Municipality as well as managing public resources. A number of changes to laws and the openness of EU funds with enormous possibilities in terms of rural area development created the need to establish a new system for the management of these flows.

Seeing as how numerous projects and their characteristics are of greater economic significance – not only to the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality, but also to the entire Baranja as a whole, with numerous possibilities in our considerations – we want to invite economic entities and all interested parties to cooperation. In particular, this relates to the development of tourism and activities that are functionally related to tourism, which must be directed toward a much wider area than the area of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality, which will provide an image of the wealth of Baranja and Croatia.






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Kneževi parkovi d.o.o.
Glavna 82
31309 Kneževi Vinogradi
OIB: 49223848546
Tel: 031/730-041
Director: Jasna Petrović, 098 959 8845