The Municipality Council is a representative body of the inhabitants of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality, which adopts general and other acts within the scope of their rights and obligations and carries out other duties in accordance with the Constitution, law and the Statute of the Community.

This assembly of the Municipality Council has 13 councillors. The Municipality Council may have more than 13 councillors if necessary to ensure adequate representation of the Hungarian or Serbian minority in the Municipality Council in accordance with the Constitutional Law on National Minorities.

The councillors are elected in the manner prescribed by law. The function of the councillor is honorary. The councillor mandate lasts four years. The mandate is not binding and the councilors are not recalled. The Municipality Council has a president and vice-president.

Statute of the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi (HR)

Councillors 2017.-2021.

  1. Mario Svalina
  2. Janoš Pavlović
  3. Dragana Božić
  4. Agneza Mijatović
  5. Korina Tomašić Deak
  6. Hajnalka Bistrican
  7. Zoltan Rajki
  8. Predrag Petrović
  9. Miroslav Aćimović
  10. Božo Čerkez
  11. Gordana Musa-Balaš
  12. Daniel Hordoši
  13. Sanela Proser Horvatin