THE MUNICIPALITY OF KNEŽEVI VINOGRADI – is a unit of local government within the County of Osijek-Baranja established by the Law on Areas of Counties, Towns and Municipalities of the Republic of Croatia on 30 December 1992 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia issue 90/92). Untill then it was a part of the former Municipality of Beli Manastir.

The MuncipaIity is an area of 248.77 km² and it makes 6% of the total territory of the County of Osijek-Baranja and 22% of the territory of Baranja. The Municipality is made up of seven settlements: Kneževi Vinogradi, Zmajevac, Karanac, Suza, Kamenac, Kotlina i Mirkovac and two working settlements – so-called pustare, Jasenovac and Sokolovac.

According to the last Census held in 2011 4,614 inhabitants reside in the territory of the Municipality. Pursuant to the 2011 Census, 38,1% (1,758) of population in the territory of the Municipality were comprised by the Croats, 38,66% (17,784) by the Hungarians and 17,66% (815) by the Serbs.



The Municipality emblem bears the shape of an oval shield. In the uppermost part of the green field, a yellow ear of wheat is placed horizontally. In the center of the green field, three yellow grape clusters with brown stalks partially cover the brown horizontally placed barrel with a pipe on its bottom part. The shield border is black. The Municipality flag is yellow.

The emblem and flag of the Municipality shall be produced only in the form and layout determined by the Statute of the Municipality and displayed as they are in the original. The original emblem and flag is kept by the administrative body of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality, and a copy of this document at the National Archives. The emblem and flag of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality can be used only for the purpose, in the manner and under conditions determined by a special decree.