If you are searching for a peaceful spot to take a rest from everyday rush, tension and stress caused by modern lifestyle, the right place for you are the villages of the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi where you will be embraced warmly by distinctive countryside of Baranja wine-growing hills.

This oasis situated on the sunny south slopes of Banovo brdo hills is about twenty kilometres north of Osijek. It will seem to you that the time has stopped, or it has been flowing slowly as the rivers Danube and Drava have been doing for centuries. These unbreakable ties have been made by the embrace of nature and its forests, fields, vineyards, wetlands, rivers and a man who has been living and working in this area for centuries. It can be seen in numerous beauties of Baranja, which are hidden, but at the same time, given generously to its visitors.

Centennial and unique wine cellars, dug into Baranja hills, immense vineyards, autochthonous Baranja wines, gastronomic specialities made of fish and venison, traditional family accommodation for a rest, hunting lodges situated deep in Baranja forests, old crafts preserved from oblivion, an instrument called tamburitza and songs, as well as interesting local customs are only a part of tourist offer making this area unique, interesting and recognizable.

Those who once visit the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi will always come back because its beauty will remain in their memory.

The Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi has been a well-known wine-growing area for a long time and due to its favourable natural and climatic conditions has a long and brilliant history of wine making. Baranja means «wine mother» in Hungarian and these words describe very well natural conditions for wine-growing and production of high quality wines.

According to some authors, the first vineyards were planted during the Roman Empire. Later, the technology of wine production was further developed and improved by feudal owners of large estates who used to rule this area. Consequently, from far and wide known Belje winery to the current private entrepreneurs high quality wines in the wine cellars (Josić wine cellar, Gerštmajer wine cellar, Medić wine cellar, Čočić wine cellar etc. ) have been made.

Famous Belje Graševina ( Riesling, kind of white wine ) has been undoubtedly known to the connoisseurs of wine, because it has been winning prestigious awards for its quality on various wine exhibitions for years. Small private wine cellars situated on the slopes of Baranja hills, so-called Banovo brdo, are distinctive example of rural architecture of the Republic of Croatia representing the historical, cultural and architectural heritage. An unforgettable experience is a visit to the wine cellars with unavoidable wine tasting and expert guidance of wine makers.

Very well known Sports and Recreation Centre «Bazeni « Kneževi Vinogradi is a right place for a rest, recreation and entertainment.

If you are adventurous, in the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi you will find a right place for riding in all-terrain vehicles, canoeing, paintball and those longing for old times can ride in carriages through the ethno-village Karanac.

Not for away there is the Nature park Kopački rit partly situated on the territory of the Municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi as well as the river Danube. Both places offer a great pleasure for fishing and hunting activities.