Kotlina is a settlement with a particularly nice location in the picturesque valley surrounded by vineyards, with three beautiful valleys opening in the west. Kotlina has 288 inhabitants who live on four streets (Glavna St., Doža Đerđ St., Petefi Šandor St. and Planina St.). The population is mainly engaged in agriculture – husbandry, viticulture, wine production and fruit production.

The elementary school (grades 1-4) holds classes in Hungarian and is a branch of the Elementary School Zmajevac. Kotlina is known for cultural activities of the Folklore Society “Petefi Šandor” and the sport activities of the FC “Grozd”. Of particular importance is restoration of utilities and transport infrastructure. This is how the road Kotlina-Podolje laid the basis for future development of tourism, especially wine tourism. The next larger investment will involve the reconstruction of the road to Kneževi Vinogradi and maybe even the road to Suza.


The village was inhabited in the Osmanlis times. Its hilly slopes were covered by vineyards once they were owned by the Belje estate. High quality wines and, particularly, their famous white wine, were sold very well. Apart from wine, they used to sell cherries and plums, mostly in Osijek, and were successful in vegetable growing.