The Youth Council is an advisory body to the Municipal Council that has been established with the aim of including the youth in the public life of the Municipality. Within its scope, the Youth Council discusses issues that are relevant to its work as well as issues within the scope of the Municipal Council that are of interest to youth and gives opinions to the Municipal Council upon the adopting of various acts that are of particular relevance to the young people.

The Youth Council proposes to the Municipal Council the adopting of acts that are important for the improvement of the position of youth, the measures for the implementation of the decisions and the youth care program and proposes debate on issues that are of importance to young people and the way of solving them.

The Youth Council has 5 members, including the President and Vice-President. Members are young people from the Municipality aged 15 to 30.

Members of Youth Council 2014.:

  • Ružica Banović
  • Mihalj Kedveš – president
  • Tijana Mirković – deputy president
  • Ivona Palko
  • Antonio Šuba

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  • Marina Pintarić
  • Dijana Varga – deputy president
  • Danijel Varga
  • Šandor Varga – president
  • Gloria Veršanski


  • Melita Balint
  • Kornel Karasi – president
  • Beatrix Rajki – deputy president
  • Renata Sabo
  • Roland Šipoc