The Business and Enterprise zone as well as the Recreational Zone of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality covers an area of 56 ha 96 a 31 m². It is located south of Kneževi Vinogradi, along the eastern side of the road Osijek-Bilje-Kneževi Vinogradi (road Ž 4042) and the southern side of the old railway line Beli Manastir-Batina. It lies ca. 30 kilometers from the border with Hungary and equally as far from the border with the Republic of Serbia and Osijek.

The Business and Enterprise zone and the Recreational Zone are planned in three stages:

The first stage is planned along the Osijek-Bilje-Kneževi Vinogradi road, north of the new water well sanitary control area, where parcels have been partially divided into plots ranging from 0.25 ha to 1.50 ha, while the second stage is divided in accordance with legal regulations. The entrepreneurial activities planned for the parcels in the first stage include:

  • Manufacturing and service industry based on autochthonous and environmental products;
  • Manufacturing and service activities based on the traditional crafts and products thereof;
  •  Trade (wholesale, retail – mega supermarkets)
  • And all other activities that do not cause environmental pollution,

When building larger plants, beneficiaries may be granted more than one cadastral plot, which is decided upon by the which the Municipality Council pending review of documentation.

The second stage represents the area for setting up a recreational zone and catering and tourism zone. The purpose of the area is to supplement the complex with tourism, sports and recreational facilities of the Sports and Recreation Center “Bazeni” in accordance with the Spatial Plan of the Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality (Official Gazette 5/05, 5/09) and the Urban Development Plan of the “Recreation Center Kneževi Vinogradi” (Official Gazette 7/08).

The third stage is planned as support for agriculture, for facilities that serve agriculture as well as activities that are planned in the first stage. In case it reaches full occupancy, the parcels will be divided according to the location permit.

The state of equipment of the Business and Enterprise Zone:

– it is fully equipped utility-wise (roads, water, power, drainage); the first and second stage area of about ca. 5 ha, whose parcels are on sale on favorable terms (final cost with aid: 7.00 HRK/m2).

Measures for encouraging investment in the Business and Enterprise Zone and Recreational Zone Kneževi Vinogradi:

Measure 1 – purchase of land with subsidy of the price up to 50%
Measure 2 – purchase of land with the option of payment in installments
Measure 3 – exemption from payment of municipal contributions
Measure 4 – exemption from payment of utility charges
Measure 5 – exemption from payment of municipal taxes
Measure 6 – exemption from payment of utility connection fees
Measure 7 – co-financing of interest on loans
Measure 8 – other exemptions pursuant to legislation

The procedure and conditions of entry in the Zone:

For all information on investing in the Business and Enterprise Zone as well the Recreational Zone Kneževi Vinogradi, please visit us at the Municipality’s offices every working day (Monday to Friday) from 7 AM to 3 PM or contact us by phone or email.

Please find below the continuously Open Call as well as the list of the currently offered parcels that are available for investment, the Business and Enterprise Zone Ground Plan, Incentives and Allowances Program for the Business and Enterprise Zone and the Recreational Zone.

Businesses in the zone

  • “Bor-plastika” d.o.o.
  • “RABO“ d.o.o.
  • Fruit Brandy Manufacturers Association – UPRIV
  • Family farm Svalina Mario