Kamenac is the settlement with the smallest population in the Municipality and – according to the 2011 Census – its 166 inhabitants live on one street (Glavna St.). The part of the settlement called Budžak is becoming more and more recognized for its wine cellars and it represents a sort of a wine road seeing as how the northern part of the settlement is on the very slope of the Baranja Mountain, with vineyards planted around it, both private ones and those owned by Belje d.d. The Reformed Catholic Church in Zmajevac was rebuilt and restored in 1877.


Kamenac was sparsely inhabited, but it had huge areas covered by forests and vineyards in the times when it belonged to the Belje estate. The inhabitants were engaged in wine-growing and wine and fruit production. The Calvinists, members of the Calvinist Protestant Church, used to live in the village in 1766.