The ecotourism visitor center in Zmajevac was built within the Go Green project. The visitors will be introduced with the animal, plant and water world of this area. Interestingly, it has a variety of audio and video effects, including costumes and masks that visitors can wear.

It consists of the following units:

  • Game Corner – where various toys and books on fish and bird themes are available
  • Bird and Water World – interactive visual reconstruction of bird habitat (aquatic habitat, deciduous forests and les)
  • “Life in the forest” – forest imitation
  • 3D Projection Room – where you can go for a walk through the green marked paths in an interactive way and watch a short nature movie

The exhibition is primarily intended for children and everyone who feels like this because it is provided with various interactive games. The center itself also serves as an info point where visitors can relax and learn something interesting. The center is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 08:00 until 16:00.