Ethno Village Karanac

This epicenter of continental tourism on the south hillside of Bansko Hill is a temple of historical convention, folklore and heritage. Baranja reemerged as a destination owing to the folklore-meets-hospitality magic of Karanac: restaurant “Baranjska kuća” and its well-known “Street of Bygone Times”, the homesteads Sklepić and “Tri mudraca”, the “Ivica i Marica” Family-Run Farm, the Szabó Family Wine Cellars, “Bakine čarolije”, “Kukuriku” and Villa Baranja are only a handful of its jewels.

Repeat visitors are not uncommon here. The irresistible cuisine, the natural beauty of the region, the conviviality of the people and the exquisite wines captivate one and all. Visit Karanac during its various festivals such as Čvarakfest – a festivity celebrating pork greaves, Zimski and Proljetni vašar – colorful fairs honoring winter and spring,

Burza kafanskih svirača – a gathering of Roma musicians, and the unique Off-road sarmijada – a spectacular contest in sarma-making skills against an off-road backdrop.