The family farm of Ilonka Horvat is engaged in making homemade gingerbreads that can be used as a Christmas tree ornaments, gingerbread with easter motifs and it can be used for all other occasions and as a occasional gift.

The best description of his little but extremely valuable craft was given by Mrs. Ilonka:

What is a gingerbread? Recipe or feeling?

The preparation of gingerbreadss for me does not just mean a mixture of particular foods. For me, this is something more, something that is impossible to describe with words. Seeing how the dough under my palms becomes alive and every single piece gets my deserved dress / clothing encourages me to enrich my work with a variety of motifs and ideas. The greatest happiness and success is for me when I see joy on the face of people when they see my works, which I do with my soul and heart. They are predominantly for souvenirs that are long-lasting due to the unique love affair of dough and cake, which is reinforced by the hug of Croatian and Hungarian traditional motifs. My goal is primarily to preserve folk customs, as in our family, the culture of Hungarians and Croats.