Ethno House Martinov

A time-out oasis in the Baranja wine capital of Zmajevac. A scene of repose in the lush nature of a ring of Danube backwaters. Compatibly enough, even the nearby cycling route “Ruta mira” shares the serenity leitmotif.

The wine cellar and gator is brimful of priceless homemade wine. Guests may taste authentic Baranja cuisine and stay overnight in a two-bedroom suite.

Homemade Food
The Martinov cured meat delicatessen such as kobasica and kulen should not be sampled without their house-made ajvar, seasonal produce and very own bread. Here the imperative fish and meat delicacies follow ancestral recipes. Prepared in any of the traditional styles, Baranja cooking is always piquant and never without the essential paprika.

House-Made Refreshments
If imbibing, try the Martinov wine, schnapps or liqueurs, but do not miss the thirst-quenching and healthy elderflower juice.

Visits or stays here may be made even better through some sports or recreation. Try boating or canoeing or have the Martinovs arrange a cookout.



Adresa — Petefi Šandora 81, Zmajevac
Email —
Telefon — +385 31 325 939;, +385 91 564 2325