Kulen Dobrovac

Kulen making harks back to 1905 when Geza Borbaš of Karanac started the  tradition known and loved today. This cured meat delicacy has yet to find a worthy contender.

The secret of this gourmet treat is in its ratio of carefully selected meats and handpicked spices – a recipe carried from generation to generation of the Dobrovac family. The superior taste and quality are owed to the irreplaceable homemade Baranja paprika and the curing process.

The Dobrovac family-run farm also produces homemade kobasica, ham and bacon.



Adresa — Glavna 11, Kneževi Vinogradi
Email — petardobrovac@gmail.com
Telefon — +385 31 730 665,, +385 91 582 20 64