The tradition of the production of kulen in Baranja returns us back to the year 1905 when Geza Borbaš from Karanac began producing baranja kulen. From those days to the present, the kulen produced in Baranja is a delicacy that is not competitive, precisely because of the specificity of recipes and the application of domestic barn supplements.

The ratio of meat and seasoned spices to the production of kulen is part of the centuries-old recipe that comes from the family Dobrovac and makes it a special gourmet delicacy. The taste of the traditional kulen of top quality is the main characteristic of this delicacies with carefully selected ingredients – quality meat and specially selected barley red peppers, and a ripening that can take up to several months.

In addition to the homemade cabbage – kulen, family farm Dobrovac offers homemade ham, homemade sausage, homemade bacon.