Kalazić wines

A stone’s throw from the mighty Danube, the Kalazić vineyards on the Banovo Hill (Banska kosa) are a wine stage of ideal microclimate and sandy soil.

The two-centuries old archeological findings place the wine-loving people of ancient Rome in the center of this wine-growing area they named Mons Aureus or Golden Hill. Even the Hungarian name Baranya translates to ‘wine mother’. The area itself is an exception wherein wine growing is eponymous to the region and not the
other way around.

The Kalazić vineyards saw their first harvest in 2007. Today they are home to over a hundred thousand vines. The near-finished modern winery of double the current capacity is being built on the heels of the originally very limited production.

Versatility is this winery’s forte: full-bodied wines are matured in oak barrels and lighter wines in stainless steel tanks. Their artisanship and respect for the craft is passionate: the location of the new winery respects the philosophy of time-efficient grape transport from the vineyards.

Organic wine growing is a Kalazić must. Their guiding principle is conscientiousness toward soil, environment, vines and grapes. This pursuit can be tasted in each glass of the Kalazić wine.

Kalazić Wines are well received on markets throughout Croatia, but also Belgium and the Netherlands. Over 50 gold medals from domestic and international competitions testify to the quality of this wine.


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